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7 Forge Parkway
Franklin, MA 02038

(508) 541-8587

Training Tails

Training Tails, a Destination Dog company located at 7 Forge Parkway in Franklin, MA, is offering group and individual classes for you and your dog. Call 508-541-8587 to register to join the class. We are excited to offer the following classes:

BASIC OBEDIENCE (4 wk class)

STARTSMay 14 Saturday, 10am; $125

Build a bond with your dog, encourage trust and learning with positive reinforcement. This is the first introduction to obedience commands, such as: sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. We learn one command at a time to build a strong foundation for more advanced training in the future. These are the tools of the trade to having a well behaved and happy dog.

BEYOND THE BASICS (4 wk class)

STARTSMay 14 Saturday, 11:15am; $125

Make things more challenging for your dog by adding distractions and duration to your basic commands. This class builds upon the foundation created in “BASIC OBEDIENCE CLASS” so your dog can keep learning. You will create a stronger bond while able to do more with your dog for a more enriched life.


STARTSMay 15 Sunday, 10am; $125

Teach your dog to listen to you in a public setting. We meet at different dog friendly locations each week. Teach your dog how to behave out in public, ex: calm entry, no pulling, focused while walking and recognizing the signs of when it is time to leave and your dog is overwhelmed.


STARTSMay 15 Sunday, 11:15am; $125

Would you like to actually ENJOY walking with your dog? We can show you how. Avoid injury to you and to your dog. This class is 4 wks and please dress for the weather for indoor and outdoor training.


STARTSMay 18 Wednesday, 6pm; $125

Do you want your dog to be a “good citizen”? There are 10 areas of learning that will prepare your dog to be certified as a Canine Good Citizen. Areas of learning include: accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, walking on a loose leash, walking through a crowd, sit/down/stay/come commands, reaction to another dog and distractions and supervised separation. Your renters and homeowners insurance will be discounted if your dog is on the specified breed list and you have passed your CGC. The CGC test which is AKC sponsored is included in your class fee.

*Note* There is a fee which AKC charges for title registration or certificate.

DOG TRICKS & TREATS (4 wk class)

STARTSMay 18 Wednesday, 7pm; $125

In this class it’s all about the tricks & treats! Let’s have some fun!
There are loads of tricks you can teach you dog. Let’s learn > Touch, Tunnel, Shake/ high five, Crawl, Possum, Puppy push-ups, Hand commands only, Hula hoop, Peek a boo, Paws up, Jump it, Find it, Distance sit to down, Super sit , Get in a box, Sit in a box, Advanced stay.

We will have fun teaching young and old dogs new tricks!

ASK THE TRAINER (Wednesdays & Thursdays 4pm to 6pm), FREE

If you have a question about training, behavior or classes, give us a call and speak directly to the trainer @ 508-918-3520. Availability is Wednesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm to 6pm. If you are leaving a message, your call will be returned within 24 hours. Sometimes we need a little help to know if we are doing it correctly and what else we can do to help our dog. So, call and check in with the trainer for some help, support and advice.